Made by

Made by

Bobby Baker - Lead Artist and Artistic Director, Daily Life Ltd
Kate Bland - Audio Producer, Cast Iron Radio
Emma Cahill - Production, Daily Life Ltd
Sarah Churlish - Producer, Wunderbar (2015-2017)
Elle Clark - Studio Assistant
Katy Cole - Production Assistant, Wunderbar
Ree Collins - Participation Producer, Wunderbar
Alastair Cummings - Trailer and Filmmaker
Caroline Dawson - Production, Daily Life Ltd
Sallyanne Flemons - Communications Director, Wunderbar
Claire Greenhalgh - Fundraising consultant
Joe Hales - Graphic Design
Hannah Kirkham - Producer, Wunderbar, (2018-)
Michelle Lung - Studio Assistant
Miranda Melville - Production Designer
Ilana Mitchell - Artistic Director, Wunderbar
Chris O'Shaughnessy - Audio Producer
Kate Pawley - Marketing and Social Media Officer, Wunderbar
Sarah Pickthall - Accessibility Consultant, Cusp Inc
Sally Pilkington - Website and graphic design, Morph Creative
Iris Priest - Production Assistant
Steph Potts - National PR, sfp
Janina Sabaliauskaite - Photographer
Kate Sarley - Finance Manager, Daily Life Ltd
Rose Sharp - Consultant, Daily Life Ltd
John Smith - Technician
Steve Wald - Technical Director
Charlie Whittuck - Associate Artist

For 14-18 NOW:
Alice Boff - 14-18 NOW development
Sarah Goodfellow - 14-18 NOW producer
Janice White - Marketing, Cogency

Special thanks to:

Dominic Robinson
Tim Bailey at xsite architecture
All at the Angelou Centre, Nunsmoor Centre, Forward Assist's "Salute Her" project, West End Women and Girls Centre
All at 14-18 NOW
The Sidney Groovers and local residents, Greening Wingrove, Nigel Todd and Hannah Marsden

A Daily Life Ltd and Wunderbar project commissioned by 14-18 NOW, the UK’s arts programme for the First World War centenary.

14-18 NOW: WW1 Centenary Art Commissions are supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund and Arts Council England, and by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

Great & Tiny War is funded by Arts Council England, Wellcome Foundation, and Newcastle Culture Investment Fund.