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Solidarity prices - why a little extra matters

Bobby Baker shares Wunderbar's ethos that our projects should be inclusive and open to people from all walks of life - regardless of difference.

Our solidarity ticket pricing, and the limited edition rewards in the shop, make it possible for those who can afford to pay a little more to help us offer as many concessionary or free tickets as possible.

It's not just the ticket prices you'll be subsidising. Your little extra will also enable us to do more to make sure people feel confident about visiting the Great & Tiny house who otherwise might not.

For example, we'll speak to neighbours of the house in Newcastle's West End who might not already be familiar with Wunderbar and Bobby Baker. We can reach out to local schools, and groups who don't have English as their first language.

The more we can raise, the more time and effort we can dedicate to spreading the word about this important artwork.

Ticketing options

Tickets are for a timed tour slot around the Great & Tiny War house. So visitors get the best possible experience, there is capacity for up to for 4 people per slot. Find out more on the About Your Visit page.

In the shop, you'll see a range of ticket options - standard, solidarity and concessions.

Our solidarity ticket price is equivalent to a standard and a concession ticket price which means by buying a solidarity price ticket you are funding one concession price ticket.

Our concessionary tickets are available for anyone who chooses. We aren't checking IDs and if that's the price that best suits your purse, then go for it.

If the concessionary price is still too much, give us a shout. We aspire to accommodate everyone that wants to come, regardless of ability to pay.

Family tickets are available in both standard and solidarity pricing. Have a look at our Booking Questions to find out what a family ticket covers.

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