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Visiting the house

Great & Tiny War is an extraordinary experience inside an ordinary, three-bedroom terraced house in the West End of Newcastle.

It's an unusual and bijou space, so to make it work perfectly for everyone, there are a few easy-to-follow house rules.

On the day, there will be hosts on hand to welcome you warmly to the house. They'll be able to answer any questions and help you make the most of your time.

Please do get in touch before your visit if you have any other queries that aren't answered below.

House address

133 Sidney Grove
Arthur's Hill
Newcastle upon Tyne

What to expect
Visitors to the Great & Tiny War house will be given a guided tour via an an audio recording voiced by Bobby Baker. You’ll be issued with headphones for this.

When you arrive for your booked slot, one of our hosts will welcome you at the door, offer to take your coat, and explain how the tour and the technology work.

During the tour you will be going into rooms on the ground floor and the first floor via stairs (for those that can't use stairs, we have an alternative ground floor-only option.). At the end of the tour you’ll come to the kitchen where you’ll be offered a cup of tea or coffee and there will be additional things to look at and read, along with some souvenirs.

How long will my visit take?
We recommend you allow an hour. The guided tour should take 40-50 minutes. You are then welcome to enjoy a drink and a browse in the tea room.

We've allowed a leisurely 20 minutes in the tea room - on a quiet day you may be able to stay longer but it's a small house so, if it's busy, we just ask that you're mindful of the needs of the guests booked in the slot behind you.

How to find the house, bus stops & parking



Why do I need to book?
As Great & Tiny War take places in the extraordinary setting of an ordinary terraced house, and has a guided tour that visitors follow, each booking slot accommodates a small group of up to 4 people.  This is to ensure each group can have as good an experience as possible.

Where can I book?
You can book tickets on this website here.

What if my group is larger or smaller than 4?
If you are a larger group, you can book consecutive slots and meet in the tea room at the end. For family groups, we can accommodate 2 adults and 3 children, or 1 adult and 4 children. By children we mean under 11s. If you have very particular needs, you can get in touch but we do want to make sure you have a comfortable and safe experience without being too squeezed in.

Can I get a ticket on the door?
Sorry no. We do ask that everyone books in advance - there's no reception or waiting area in the house and our hosts will be occupied with guiding the tours.

But our online booking is open until midnight the day before each slot, unless it's sold out.

If you do want to check availability on the day, give us a call (the number will appear here once the show is running). If there is space we'll fit you in and you can pay in the tea room.

I need to cancel my ticket - what do I do?
If you really can’t make it, you can give your ticket to a friend - we won’t be checking your ID.

But if you do need to cancel you can do so up to 3 days ahead and get a full refund. This gives us time to adjust the rotas and re-open tickets for your slot.

Please note we have to manually refund any payment - we'll do that as quickly as possible, but Stripe (our payment processor) say it can take 5-10 working days for the refund to appear in your account.

What if I can’t make the time of my booking?
If you need to change the time of your ticket, you'll need to cancel and rebook. Again, we ask that you give us 3 days notice. There'll be no additional charges for this as there are no booking fees.

If on the day you are having problems arriving on time, please give us a call. If it's possible we'll accommodate you, but please be aware, it may not be.

The Great & Tiny War House is at 133 Sidney Grove in Arthur’s Hill, Newcastle. It is a narrow, entirely residential street, in amongst a few terraced streets. We've made an interactive map showing the house, local landmarks and amenities.

How do I get there?
We’re encouraging all visitors to come by public transport, on foot or by bicycle. This will be helpful to local residents and to the planet in general. But if you do need to drive, there are special instructions for parking below.

At average walking speed, it's a 25 minute walk from Newcastle city centre. There are also plenty of buses that stop nearby.

Which buses and bus stops should I use?
Stagecoach buses 12, 32, 32a, 39 and 40 stop close by the house, and all of them go through Newcastle city centre. The closest bus stops to the house are marked on the house map.

From Newcastle city centre, you can get on the bus at Monument, from the row of bus stops on Blackett Street, opposite Old Eldon Square. These bus stops are marked on the "Where to get the bus from" map.

The number 12 stops closest to the house. Ask the driver for Nunsmoor Centre or Nunsmoor Park. There are signs for both as you approach (if coming from town, don't worry if you miss that stop, the one after is just as close to the house).

On the 39 or 40, ask to get off at the top of Stanhope Street, where it meets Brighton Grove.  If you miss it, the bus will turn left into Brighton Grove and you can get off there.

On the 32 or 32A, ask for Medina Stores, or the cross roads where Studley Terrace becomes Nuns Moor Road, and crosses with Wingrove Road. There are traffic lights at the crossroads and Medina Stores is the only shop on the corner with fruit and veg outside.

What about Metro?
St James Park is the nearest metro. You can walk from the station - it's about 20-25 minutes - or hop on a no. 12, 39 or 40 bus. There are two equidistant bus stops - either opposite St James Park on Barrack Road - just up from the Tesco Metro and the Newcastle University Business School - or by the Chicken Cottage and St Andrews Church on Gallowgate. You can also get off at Monument metro if that's easier and use the bus stops as described above.

Is there somewhere to park my bike?
If you come by bike you are welcome to put it in the yard. We’ll probably ask you to ride round to the back entrance so we don’t get tyre tracks through the house. The host will direct you.

Is there somewhere to park my car?
Yes, but not on the street where the house is. The residents need all the spaces on Sidney Grove and we need to make sure Great & Tiny War doesn't impact on them. There are free parking bays on the adjacent Brighton Grove - they're marked on the map.

We also ask that you don’t drive down Sidney Grove - both to respect the residents, and also because you might get caught in a jam. It is a single lane road which often has cars parked on both sides, making it hard for cars to pass each other.

Can I take photographs?
For most of the show you are very welcome to take photos. There are a just couple of parts where we ask you not to - our hosts will explain this.

In fact we’d love to see your pictures, especially if you share them online. Use the hashtag #greattinywar and feel free to tag us (@wearewunderbar), too.

Will I have to take my shoes off?
Lots of people prefer their guests to take outdoor shoes off when they come into their house.

If it is a particularly rainy day, we may ask you to do this so we don’t end up with muddy carpets which isn't nice for the next visitors. In this instance we can provide overshoes or slippers if you'd like them.

Do you have refreshments?
Yes! Included in your ticket is a cup of tea, (or coffee or a soft drink) and a biscuit. We may have some more fancy cakes for sale. We don’t have a fully stocked café but it will be comfy.

There will also be some special souvenir gifts you can buy in the tearoom.

What about toilets?
The house has one toilet upstairs which guests can use. We also have an accessible toilet on site in the yard.

We don’t have a dedicated baby changing area but you are welcome to use the bathroom. If you need an adult changing room, The Nunsmoor Centre (200m away) have kindly said visitors are welcome to use their facilities.

Can I bring my dog?
We do love dogs, but sadly the house won’t be suitable for them. If your dog is happy to sit in the yard it's possible to bring them - but please let us know in advance.

Who can come? Everyone can come! We’re recommending that ages 7 and above will get the most out of listening to the audio guide - but families with younger children are also welcome. We’ve created what we hope is a comprehensive access page for anyone with additional needs. If anything isn't answered, or you have any questions at all, please just ask. Can I bring my friend/family/children? Of course - but please see above re young children. The only limitation is the size of tour groups. But even then, two groups can come and have tours one after the other and meet in the tea room. There's more info about how to book above. I have a disability, can I come? Yes, of course. We are very aware that this house is a non-adapted house, and it doesn't have a lift. We have rented this house for the duration of the artwork so we don't have the option of making structural adjustments. Instead, we have created a bespoke version of the Great & Tiny War experience for those who can't go upstairs - see more here. We have done our best to cater for as wide a range of disabilities as possible so do check out our access page if you have additional needs of any kind. What about a pushchair or buggy? We are happy to accommodate parents with babies or very young children. We’ll most likely ask you to fold a buggy or to leave it in the covered area of our yard so it doesn’t block the fire exits. You might also like to book into one of our relaxed sessions.

Where to get the bus from Newcastle city centre


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