What makes us Wunderbar

Wunderbar is about extraordinary projects conceived by artists and made by audiences.

We are seriously curious and playfully disruptive, asking 'What will happen if...'

The Wunderbar portfolio comprises a glorious, eclectic mix of performance, installation, extraordinary happenings, interactions, social events and games.

Our projects take place in all kinds of places: theatres, galleries and arts centres as well as everyday spaces like car parks, workplaces, hairdressers, living rooms and city streets.

Where we do it

Right now, most of our work takes place in and around Newcastle upon Tyne, north east England.

Our outlook is international. We work with artists from all over the world and digitize our work when we can so it can be accessed any time, any place. Wunderbar on Vimeo

Wunderbar projects have popped up in other parts of the UK and we expect this to happen more in the future.

How we came about

Wunderbar began in 2009 with our first festival in Newcastle upon Tyne. A second acclaimed festival took place in 2011.

Now Wunderbar's evolved from festival to ongoing project so the play never stops.

Trying to be good - Our ethics

Ethics are everything to us. We prod and poke the minutiae of all we do, striving to make it as good as it can be for people and planet.

We have a detailed environmental policy and extensive codes for the way we interact with fellow humans. (If you'd like to see them you can contact us for copies)

Money matters too - the way we spend it and who and how we ask for it. We're probing this artistically and philosophically and you'll find loads of examples on this website.

We're not perfect, but we're trying our darn hardest.

Wunderbar people

People are what makes us Wunderbar. Find out how you can get involved as an individual or artist.

Get in touch

Go ahead. Contact us!

Meet team Wunderbar

Ilana Mitchell
Artistic Director

Sally Flemons
Communications Director

Hannah Kirkham

Sally Pilkington - Morph Creative
Web and design guru

Company Board of Directors
Dawn Giles, Kate Parkin, Ilana Mitchell