Edicure: The edible manicure for the ethically minded – and sweet lovers.

A biodegradable, delicious, unisex, non-toxic, non-permanent fashion accessory - an easy and fun-to-remove alternative to traditional nail polishes and extensions.

As well as providing tasty false nail alternatives, Edicure is designed to bring thumbsucking and fingernail biting into fashion. Any Onychophagics* out there who hide their habit can come out and bask in the glorious, sugar-coated limelight. 

Visit the dedicated Edicure website to find out more and buy your own set.

There's also lots more pictures and info here and here.

First piloted at Festival of Thrift 2014 as part of Home Live Art's Alternative Village Fete, Edicure is one of the first business ideas under the Wunderbiz project. 

*Fancy word for nail-biter