Glorious was a haunting and unusual musical  performance designed by Rajni Shah and collaborators between 2009 and 2012.

The show was centered around people, what it means to live in a place, and what it means to gather together in a theatre.

With each performance, the company worked with a new set of musicians and local residents – dismantling, reinventing and re-assembling the raw material over several weeks.

In Newcastle, they set up a cosy, living room style camp in Eldon Square for a week, meeting people, offering tea and cake and exchanging letters to strangers. That’s how they met almost all of their participants, who wrote their own scripts and performed on stage with Rajni and co. 

The musicians from the Academy of Music and Sound in Gateshead worlked with Musical Director Suzie Shrubb to rework the score for this unique Newcastle edition of the show.

The beautiful publication Dear Stranger, I Love You, is available from Rajni’s online shop. It comes highly recommended, especially as it comes to you in a specially designed postage box, and includes writings, drawings, photos, songs and video.