Ever wanted to front your own post-punk noise-core industrial metal band? Or just fancy wearing a stupid wig and dancing to beepy noises?

Action Hero hosted an extra special night of strange noises and loud party-ness, explosively marking the end of the 2011 Wunderbar Festival.

Noise Karaoke was specially developed for Wunderbar. Participants – the audience – had their very own sets, lights, synth back-up and even a dedicated style consultant to transform them into superstars.

With help from a musician and a sound engineer, Action Hero created 7 Noise Karaoke tracks, that included a track in the style of a generic punk band (3 Chords), to doom metal (Drone Alone) to their very own interpretation of Napalm Death (Napalm Breath).

Bucketed-headed warm-up was provided by Newcastle’s very own Noize Choir.