This is where it all began; 10 days of intrigue, wonder and extraordinary happenings.

The action unfolded in unexpected ways and places all over the north east – Newcastle, Gateshead, Hexham, Sunderland, Kielder and all around; in private homes, city centres, cinemas, hairdressers, dance studios and demolition sites.

This artist-led, people-powered festival was all about turning things upside down and backwards; participation, probing, partying, performance and protest. People bathed in stranger’s homes, campaigned with the Big Lizard, had their hair cut by 9-year-olds, smashed up TVs, played epic ping pong and set the rules in a game changing game show.

An unforgettable, kaleidoscopic programme that’s still talked about with awe (and some disbelief) all these years later, it was, and still is, Wunderbar. Some 2009 Festival projects