The opening of the Wunderbar Festival 2009 was a night of being seen, showing off and walking the walk, like the inner fashionista super stars we all are. 

Come On, Vogue was inspired by the voguing scene of 1980s New York, – as seen in the award-winning documentary Paris is Burning. Our ball combined partying, performance, high camp, big wigs and home-made fashion in a strutting-dance-off extravaganza.  

Compered buy the incomparable Pearl Von Cochon, and held in the underground of the John Dobson Street car park, this was Wunderbar being born in proper, fierce style. 

A true warmup was provided by  Jane Arnfield with her performance The Gymnast, and by  Anat Ben David’s with her avant garde take on pop music in Experimental Pop, as part of Gallery North’s Performance Now and Then exhibition. 

Check out this intro video Harriet and Susie made to get folks in the mood for Wunder-Vogue-Action!