Wunderbiz is Wunderbar’s creative, alternative approach to traditional business models and structures.

Exposing ethical or practical conundrums, Wunderbiznesses will offer genuine, workable alternatives to customers and investors.  

Every stage of the business process will be considered and important, not just the final transaction, and profits from Wunderbiznesses will be put back into non-profit-making artistic outputs. 

**** Check out our newest biz – Edicures! ****

Sauna Nation

We’re exploring the idea of home-built travelling saunas as centres for social interaction and for wellbeing. 

We’d like to make a business of providing travelling saunas to festivals or conventions for socialising, or for summits and meetings to create a warm environment for discussing difficult issues.  

While looking at possible uses, we’ll also be looking at the benefits of saunas. We’ll playfully explore ideas around the potential for saunas as offering an alternative to pharmaceutical therapies. And what do a differing approaches to communal, social nudity show about the global communication of local customs? 

Read more about the inspiration behind Sauna Nation.

Courier Running 

Courier Running is both a carbon neutral alternative to traditional courier and postal services and a great new fitness idea.

Tapping into the trend for sponsored exercise, Courier Running is an alternative way for runners to use their exercise regime to benefit others. It combines the simplicity of door-to-door sales with the breakdown of barriers peer-to-peer technology gives us. 

How it works:

  • Customers will register the need for a physical object to be delivered to the app. Details will  include the object’s weight, where it’s going and when it needs to be delivered by. 
  • The app will work out an average price for the job, and offer it to all registered couriers who match the necessary criteria for the job.
  • The first qualified courier to accept the job collects the object, runs with it to the delivery destination and is financially rewarded. 
  • A portion of their earnings goes to Wunderbar and the remainder to a good cause of their choice.

Our Kids, Your Cash – the School Bank

OKYC Bank enables adults to make genuine financial investment in a scheme managed by a group of young people. 

How does the mysterious world of banking and investing really work? Does it take real skill to be a great fund manager or stockbroker? 

Investors will be expected to invest a minimum of £100 for a fixed term of 3 years. A daily fund tracker will be available online through social media.

Through the project, our young School Bankers will learn about money markets, ethical decision making and experience real life money management. They will form a committee and choose how to invest and reinvest money put in. And how to spend any profits they make.

Like all Wunderbiznesses, OKYC School Bank will offer an alternative to the usual business approach giving customers the opportunity to relinquish trust in experts and instead trust young people to do the right thing.