We’ve been invited to take part in the Festival of Thrift this weekend, 27th and 28th September – and we’re piloting our newest Wunderbiz:

Edicures: EDIble maniCURES for the ethically minded – and sweet lovers.

A biodegradable, delicious, unisex, non-toxic, non-permanent fashion accessory, and a legitimiser for thumbsucking and nailbiting.

We’ll be offering full impact edible manicures to festival attendees as well as DIY kits to take home.

Come and find us at Lingfield Point, Darlington, between 10am and 4pm both Saturday and Sunday – and you’ll be able to find out more, ask us any questions and help us iron out the kinks in the formula for this new venture.

The event is part of the Alternative Village Fete produced by our friends at Home Live Art for the Festival of Thrift. 

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