With the Human Library poised to visit Bristol, we thought we’d share some of the never-before-published reviews left of the ‘Books’ when the library visited Gateshead.

Click on the images to see what the ‘readers’ thought of books like Raised by Lesbians, The Chosen One, Shade Shift and Let me Tell You About My Massive Rectal Bleed.

By now you may well be wondering what the Human Library is all about, so here’s the low down.

It works just like a normal library – open to all, readers choose from a catalogue and borrow a Book for a limited period of time, returning it back for others to share.

The twist in the Human Library is that the ‘Books’ are people and that ‘reading’ them involves a conversation.

The Human Library has a specific purpose – to challenge stereotypes and to confront stigma, prejudice and discrimination in all forms.

The experience of the Human Library has the potential to change the attitudes and behaviours of all of us and help build a more inclusive, tolerant and cohesive society.

Our friends at MAYK and The Parlour Showrooms are looking for 10-15 people with diverse backgrounds to volunteer to be Books in their library in Bristol.

Human Books will share their life experiences with others and be candid about their worldview.

If you would like to apply to be a book, just follow this link and complete the short application form that follows by 16 October.

The library will take place on 16-17 November 2013 at The Parlour Showrooms, College Green, Bristol between 11am-5pm.

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