Following a long R+D process, including memorable proof-of-concept events, our biodegradable, unisex, non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free, non-permanent, hand-crafted, super sweet edible nails are finally here.

Edition No.1: Bon-Bon-Bomb

The Bob-Bon-Bomb Edicure is a sensational sugar explosion to light up your fingertips.

Featuring an Expressionist-inspired blast of vibrant colour, Bon-Bon-Bomb is the first in a series of limited edition Edicure sets.

At just £7.99 per set, you can collect every hand-made design when they launch each month. There’s no subscription required but be on the look out for special offers for loyal fans.

Visit the new Edicure website to check them out.

What’s art got to do with it?

As well as providing a tasty alternative to false nails, Edicure is an experiment that playfully interrogates current business practices and trends by trying to start one. It’s conceived by Wunderbar’s resident artist and artistic director, Ilana Mitchell.

In a continuation of the questions Wunderbiz started asking back in 2014, Edicure will  explore important issues such as:

  • How do crazes get started – and might we actually be able to start one?
  • Why do we find frivolous fashion and disposable gifts so irresistible?
  • What mind games are played by marketers to feed our desires?
  • How ethical are the trends for eco-friendly products?
  • Is it really so hard to make packaging environmentally sustainable? (Sneak answer preview: It’s more complicated than you think…)
  • Why is it not OK to bite your nails?

Why we need your help

Can you help us start the craze? To have its desired affect, this project needs you – there are a few ways your simple support and effort can get Edicure making some noise:

  • Follow Edicure on Instagram – the more followers we can get, the better.
  • Spread the word – tell your friends, share and reshare Edicure posts, use #edicure wherever you use hashtags.
  • Buy a set.
  • And send us any ideas of how we can get the word out further (without breaking the bank).

We’ll be super appreciative of any help you can offer.

Coming soon – The Edicure Podcast

Ilana will be sharing the outcomes, thoughts and insights from this experiment via a series of podcasts. Follow us on Instagram or sign up to our e-newsletter to be the first to hear when this happens.