Do you have a problem?

Opera Helps.

Evidence suggests participants in our 2016 project with Joshua Sofaer would agree – we were genuinely blown away by the power of feeling we saw in the feedback.

So in the current climate, where COVID-19 means we all have problems to some degree, the return of Opera Helps is more than pertinent.


Opera Helps harnesses the power of opera to help participants view problems in a new light.

In this new socially distanced version, a professional singer will meet participants online, listen to their problem then select an aria to sing to them as they relax in their own home.

Apply for a free session on the Opera Helps website.



Joshua originally presented Opera Helps with Folkoperan in Stockholm in 2012 before joining with Wunderbar for a UK tour in 2016.

Historically opera was always a popular art form. Even 50 years ago hairdressers in Italy would sing arias as they worked. Yet now it is seen as something highbrow, for the rich and highly educated, inaccessible to most people.

By relocating opera to the home in an online setting and relating it to personal problems I truly think we can introduce people to the music who wouldn’t otherwise have given it a chance.’

Joshua Sofaer, Opera Helps artist

Opera Helps is the perfect Wunderbar project:

We strive to make work that meets its audiences in the places where they live and work, so it is a privilege to be adapting Opera Helps to bring an intimate experience to people who might be stuck at home, living through these challenging, isolating times.

Working with Joshua again is a pleasure too – he’s an outstanding artist producing work which, on the surface, appears deceptively simple, but is transformative, carrying extraordinary depth and attention to detail.

Ilana Mitchell, Artistic Director, Wunderbar


Applications are now open and anyone with a genuine problem can apply via a quick online form or by giving us a call.

Watch the animation above for a quick intro to the project or get the full low down on our designated Opera Helps website.

Opera Helps performances are free and continue until October this year.

Why not find out if Opera Helps?

For more information and to apply, visit