Since 2008, Wunderbar has been bringing artists and audiences together on journeys of intrigue and wonder. We thought it was time we told our story.

So, here it is, our gift to you – the Wunderbar Review – just click here to read. It’s just as playful and thoughtful as the projects we produce and oozing with fascinating ‘Did you knows’ like:

  • Wunderbar things have happened on buses, in hair salons, disused buildings and internationally famous concert halls
  • Architects, pet owners and mental health workers are a few of the people who’ve played with us
  • Our portable saunas are like ‘…a foyer for Nirvana’
  • How we make our work is as important as what we make

If you were one of the 230,000 people we’ve met so far, thank you. You made it what it was. If you weren’t, we hope to hook up with you sometime soon.

And we’d love to hear your thoughts on the Review, so do get in touch.

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