Jim and Rob are brothers who grew up in a remote house on the outskirts of Kielder Forest.

In September, they will be returning to their roots, travelling on foot from Newcastle to Kielder on a pilgrimage of sorts, the kind where they think about the practicalities of survival in the woods, the difficulties of growing up, and of being adults in their daily lives.

We invite you to join them in a campfire-side performance at the end of their journey, where they will recount their experiences getting to this point.

Dates & times:

[box ]Evening performance: Saturday 19th September at 19:30 [/box]

[box]Morning performance: Sunday 20th September 2015 at 09:30 [/box]


Kielder Campsite (websitemap)


You need one, but its pay-what-you-choose. Book here. More info about why we’re doing it this way, here.

Who can come:

Anyone who’d like to – it’s a family friendly event

About the project/artists

Natural Selection is a project by Action Hero in collaboration with Rob Stenhouse. For more information on the project please see our project page and to track their journey see our Tumblr page. [hr]

Full event details:

The performance will be staged twice: once on the evening of the final day of walking at 7.30pm (Saturday 19th September) and once the following morning on the same site at 9.30am (Sunday 20th September).

You are welcome to come to either one; please note both performances will be the same. To make sure we have room to accommodate audiences please choose just one option of either evening or morning.

If you choose to camp with us, pre and post event socialising will of course be welcomed![hr] PLEASE NOTE: if you would like to camp with us, you must book a place with the campsite. Please see details below.

Extra special details:


Following the evening performance, you are invited to set up camp with us in the forest, for a full evening of talking, sharing time and eating by the fire as an addition to the performance.

You are also welcome to camp the night before if you are attending the morning performance. Following the morning performance – for which we promise lots of coffee – we’ll be pointing out some of the local sites and activities for anyone inspired to walk in the forest.

Please note that staying over is not integral to the piece and that if you do choose to you’ll need to bring all your own camping gear, unless you make other arrangements with the campsite.

PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to camp with us, you must book a tent pitch. Kielder Campsite are offering a discounted camping rate to people attending this performance. To book a camping place, please call 01434 250291 and quote your booking reference to enable the discount. Please leave a message if you cannot get through to a staff member and they will return your call.[hr]


Before the first evening performance, eager walkers are welcome to join Jim and Rob on the last leg of their journey. We will send you information about the times and meeting points for this before the event, but the walk will be approximately 2-3k in length and will start at approximately midday from a designated meeting point.[hr]


Both performances will be around the campfire and we invite you to bring something to eat for either an evening meal or breakfast. We will provide hot drinks, but please bring a cup/vessel. [hr]


As an experiment we are operating a pay-what-you-can / pay-what-you-choose system for the performance, on a post-event donation basis. So if you think you might like to make a donation, please remember to bring some cash or a chequebook with you! Alternatively, if you prefer, you can pay in advance via our Eventbrite ticket page.

You can read more about our ticketing experiment on our blog here. [hr]


The event will continue to go ahead in wet weather so please dress appropriately and bring appropriate equipment if you intend to camp and/or walk with us.

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