The No Festival Festival

Dear Wunderbar allies,

It’s November, so we’ve realised it’s two years since our last official festival. Which would be strange, if we weren’t so adrenaline-fuelled and fizzing with activity.

So we while we still think and sometimes act like a festival, we’re also not like a festival because the fun never stops – such as these imminent gems:

To Make The Stone Stoney

Here are four interactive discussion evenings wrapping up the Life Without Buildings project with artist Nicola Singh and xsite architecture.

The two-year-long exploration of the city through sound and movement took in 2011’s Bike Tour, and this year’s In Praise of Shadows and We Stand Out The Most When We Stand Together.

To Make The Stone Stoney discussions happen on 20th, 27th Nov & 4th, 11th Dec. More info.


The inaugural Great Forced LOLathon is now open for entries! A LOLathon is a marathon of laughing for 26.2 minutes. It’s been thought up by Newcastle’s own Kate Stobbart, who you might remember from this in 2009?

As well as an excellent opportunity to laugh your socks off, it’s also a proper challenge. There’s even a special training regime you can follow, if you want to get serious about your laughing. Book your free place now.

The LOLathon launches on Tuesday 26 November. Book on EventBrite.

Human Library in Bristol 

We’ve just got back from meeting our brilliant Bristolian Book cohort this weekend. So we’re all prepped for the Library to open its doors on the weekend of 16 & 17 November at the Parlour Showrooms.

Come along to read one of the new books, including A Muslim wih a global story, I’m not deaf, just ignoring you… Oh wait, I am deaf and I’m not scared of everything, just everything outside.

Also, we’re working with the Human Library Organisation to become an official UK partner – so if you are interested in hosting one, do drop us a note.

This edition of Human Library is on at the Parlour Showrooms, Bristol and hosted by MAYK. Here’s the details.

Big Toon Welcome for Amy & Jon

We’ve known they were coming for a while, but the tease is over.

Their warm welcome evening is all lined up: drinks, eats and a chance to meet our new residents, hear about their plans and how we can help.

Over the three weeks, the Life of A Craphead protagonists will be conjuring up a stimulating mix of proposals for future projects for us.

They’ll be looking out for guides and collaborators, so come along, find out more, say hi!

Meet Amy and Jon at The Star and Shadow on Tuesday 19 November at 6pm

And finally… Brilliant, shiny people

We were overwhelmed by fantastic applications for our two new jobs and are just about done sifting through them all – big thank you to all who applied or spread the word.

We were genuinely amazed by the quality and variety of talented people in our midst.

If anyone was questioning the presence of talent in the North East, doubt no longer. And if you are looking for folk, we have loads we can recommend now!


Team Wunderbar

PS We can’t quite believe Cowgate Illuminations is nearly one. See the neon sculpture alongside the Cowgate annual fireworks display tonight – if last year is anything to go by it’ll be a fantastic bonfire and show, plus plenty of rides and candyfloss from 4.30pm

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