In Loftus, near Redcar, on 19 October, around 60 members of the local town – kids, adults, members of the Brit football club, councillors, the vicar – came down to Ben Scott’s field and painted in the lines on the old football pitch for the first time in twenty years.

Some of the older people knew a bit about who Ben Scott was – a former local councillor – others just know that the field has always been known as his.

The old goal that’s still standing and the metal lined holes where the other goal used to be gave us the length of the pitch. There was a lengthy debate about the width, settled in the end by cold fingers.

Here’s some evidence, including a surprisingly forlorn looking Roary, mascot from Middlesbrough Football Club, who came to lend a hand.

The site also has an old changing block, disused for years and locked behind metal railings and a deep stinging nettle patch. But there is hope for a new facility on site.

With luck, a fully restored pitch, with new goals and changing facilities will be on site from January. Loftus Town for the cup!

Human compass at Draw Your Own Pitch, Loftus. from Wunderbar on Vimeo.

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