If you see anyone with a messy or cartoon henna tattoo in Newcastle it’s very possible they were with us on our Nightwalks With Teenagers on Fri or Sat night.

Giving each other multiple tattoos in a field of cows (Friday) and the steps of the High Level Bridge (Saturday) were just some of the highlights amongst many on our walks.

We also: climbed through roadside verges, wandered through the RVI, ate caramel wafers, crossed all four main Newcastle-Gateshead bridges, sprayed each other with water pistols and sang Iggy Azalea in echoey tunnels.

We’ve had some lovely comments so far  and there’s also loads more pics on  Mammalian Diving Reflex’s facebook page  

[quote float=”left”]Had a good time Friday evening. Letting the teens take responsibility is a great idea and not as dangerous as we may imagine. Shouts to all involved. xxx[/quote]

[quote float=”left”]Interesting end in the Bigg Market! don’t be afraid to photo the police in action, its not against the law! And sometimes it may help to right a wrong.[/quote]

[quote float=”left”]Tonight I will be guided around #Newcastle by teenagers in the name of #art @WeArePlatypus @WeAreWunderbar #nervous[/quote]

[quote float=”left”]Enjoyed @WeAreWunderbar @WeArePlatypus Nightwalk with Teenagers and like all good nights woke up with a new tattoo![/quote]

[quote float=”left”]Excellent Nighwalk with Teenagers @WeAreWunderbar @WeArePlatypus . Henna tattoo and water pistol fight included. Lovely :0)[/quote]

[quote float=”left”]Good two evenings enjoyed. Do more. 🙂 [/quote]

[quote float=”left”]That song is never going to get out of my head! [/quote]


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